Monday, August 3, 2009

The results are in ...

So, I went in for lab work last Wednesday, to test my Progesterone. The Dr. called me Friday night with my results. He said that my Progesterone levels are very low, especially for already being on Clomid. I had my hopes up high as usual this cycle. My Mom reallly insisted that this was the month. ugh. Well, no - I haven't gotten my period yet, so the world hasn't ended or anything. However, the Dr. did say that me being pregnant with my numbers so low isn't likely. If I am - then I have a HUGE risk for miscarriage. So - basically it was not good news. I started a medicine to get my Progesterone up - so let's super hope that it helps! It was kind of a rough weekend... I'm actaully ready for my period to show so that I can just get onto the next cycle. I'll take both of my meds, and have another IUI this next round. The Dr. said this would be the last IUI (3rd) and then he'll refer me elsewhere when/if need be. He is such a GREAT Dr. I'd hate to switch - but whatever works at this point, right? "Aunt Flo" is due to arrive on Wednesday - I'll keep ya'll posted! ;) Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! :) Talk to you Wednesday!

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