Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Missing in Action

Hi Everyone,
So sorry I've been missing in action lately...
I am pregnant as ya'll know, and I'm high risk because of multi-factor infertility. I've been gone because I have been so ridiculously sick ever since our anniversary. I had a really low - horrible - worse day ever - (after weeks of vomiting etc.) I was curled up on the couch crying my eyes out, sweating, shaking, soooo crapppy. I hadn't been able to keep anything down at all, not even water. I knew from a previous appt that I'd been LOSING weight, instead of gaining. I was scared, and depressed, and painfully sick. My head hurt so much that I could feel every bone in my face aching. I called my "Mommy" (lol) losing it. She told me it's not normal "morning" sickness and to page my Dr. So I did. He said it's all definitely not normal, and called in a prescription to start ASAP. He said if the medicine didn't make me keep water down right away, then he'd meet me at the hospital for an overnight evaluation and IV fluids. Well, maybe I'm freaking out because of the way I feel - or maybe it's my hormones, but I called my husband crying about the possibility of going to the hospital. Being high risk - I've been so scared of something going wrong. He's so great to me, he stopped everything and came right home with the medicine for me, tucked me in bed, and started making soup to try to eat. The medicine helped, can we say miracle drug? The soup stayed down. My husband crawled in bed with me, and we slept the rest of the day. How sweet of him, right? I've been on the medicine for a few weeks, and it's making all the difference. I am tired and sleeping alot, and I have nauseous periods, but I am keeping food down. I have had a few ultrasounds (before the meds) and everything was looking good. I have an appointment tomorrow at 4:00 and hopefully I will have finally gained weight. Who actually wants to gain weight! lol. I'll be sure to update you, and keep posting now that I'm feeling better. Sorry about the "oh whoa is me". Let's keep it positive from here on out! :)