Monday, August 17, 2009

Our 1st Anniversary

This weekend was our first wedding anniversary! What a celebratory weekend it was! We spent the night in Orlando's Downtown Disney. We had a beautiful hotel - and we went to the Cirque du Soliel show. It was absolutely amazing! We really had a nice romantic time. My husband wouldn't stop talking about baby stuff. We bought our first "baby thing". Which was a little baby Eeyore, his tail comes off! :) He is soooo soft and cuddly. I had to get it! It was a great time! :) We we got home we got to eat our wedding cake top. It was definitely not like our wedding night - but it was good. It was one of those things that I guess you just have to do, lol. :)

I called and made my first appointment this morning. It's for tomorrow at ten. It's just with the nurse, so it won't be very cool. I guess it's just lots of questions/medical history etc. They also scheduled my first appointment with the Doctor for August 31st. That's when I'll have our first ultrasound done - and hear the heartbeat for the first time!! We are SO looking forward to that! That appointment will be like "ok it's REAL!" We can't wait!!


Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm so relieved that the nurse just called me! (and I just got done telling you I had no results) Well, now I do!! I was mistaken because I thought my first beta hcg was 184 - it was 104. I guess I heard her wrong. So it needs to double and be at least 200 to be good. It's 467!! Awesome!! I may have more than one cookin' in there! lol! Oh what a relief, I was so tense and uptight, I just wanted to hear I was fine from someone who "knows". :) Oh I'm so happy you guys. So I can call to get in next week for my first prenatal visit, which is just with a nurse and talking. Then the following week, I can have my first ultrasound with the Dr and hear "a" (or "a few") heartbeat!

Well I'm off for the weekend to celebrate the great news, and my first anniversary with my husband. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! :) (smiling so big my cheeks hurt!)

Not an Update...

So let's talk about blood. No, not really. How about blood work? Well, as you know on Tuesday I had my first labs done. My hcg as I mentioned was 184. I just found out that my Progesterone test came back and it's climbed from 8.7 to 78.6!!! Wooo! That's awesome! That means my uterus is getting stronger everyday! Yay! I had to go back yesterday a.m. for a repeat hcg test. The only way to know if your levels are good - is to make sure they are doubling every 48 hours. When I got there, the girl couldn't find my paperwork... hmmmnnn... keep in mind, I asked her id I'd need to bring a lab slip and she said no because the one from Tuesday was for both days. ugh. great. ?? Well, apparently she never found it, because today my Dr. still hasn't received the updated hcg level. ugh. I AM DYING for this number!! It's the only way to know if I'm growing a bean, or not. oh Lets not think about that. I hope I don't have to go do another 2 tests next week. Frankly, I don't know if my arms would stay on or fall off if I had to. Ya see, My arm was still bruised from Tues, when I went on Thurs. She put the needle in the same spot - ouch - but my ARM WOULDN'T BLEED! ?!!?!? She pushed it deeper and was like scooping and digging to get it to bleed. OMG. It didn't. :( She tried to go to my left arm - and couldn't find veins. SO back to the right arm again... she decided to go over a few inched... uh - you aren't supposed to take blood from the SIDE of your ARM - so YES it hurt - and YES I have a ridiculous bruise. (and YES I'm a baby!) lol. :( SO that's my lab update people!! or not ....


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st Beta Test

So, I had my first Beta Test (hcg) yesterday. My Beta number is 184. The first number really doesn't tell you anything. There is a wide range of numbers that are ok, and I'm in the range. (although all the lower end) I go first thing in the morning for my second Beta test. I should have the number tomorrow night. As long as the number DOUBLES from the first test, then I'm good. Soooo complicated - and I'm really learning a lot. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that my number doubles and everything will be fine.... <3

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st Round of Labs

SO, I just got home from a very early morning trip to get my first round of labs done. They took two tubes of blood - one for Progesterone, and one for Hcg. The nurse should be calling me tonight to let me know the numbers. Then, on Thursday morning (48hrs) I go back to do repeat tests. I won't really know results or any more information until ALL of those tests are back and we can compare them together. I guess the numbers are supposed to double or triple, so we have to wait until Friday to have ALL the results. It's going to be so hard to wait! It's like TTC is waiting all the time, then when you get a +hpt it's more waiting and waiting.... for the next 9 months it will be a lot of that! I guess I should learn to get used to it!


Monday, August 10, 2009

My New Ticker

awww - I'm excited about my new ticker .... I can't describe the feeling I have right now - it's like nothig else.... :)I can't wait to go to the doctor! (who says that! lol)


What?!?!? OMG!!!! Is this really just ONE word on this stick!?!?! no way... (screaming) 7:30 Saturday morning - that's what it was like! I woke up my husband rightttt away - his face was completely blank - and I'm waiving this stick around like a crazy lady! He was kind of slow to react, lol, I think he was in shock. All the things we've done, all the stress, charting, Dr's appts, IUI's, etc. OMG! I'm pregnant! Am I?? Wow - it's totally surreal. I don't think it's "actually" hit me yet. I called my Dr right after I took the test. (sorry) I know it was early and a Saturday - but I couldn't wait! He said I'd need labs today and Wednesday. So I just paged him to get him to fax the lab requests in.... waiting to hear from him. He usually calls back within 15 min. So I'm lucky there. :) Ohhhhh I'm so excited - happy - anxious - scared - worried.... :) I hope everything will be ok. I know I'm high risk because of the low progesterone, but I've been taking supplements for that. So lets think positive and be happy!!! Woooooo!!! I'm ---- I mean WE are PREGNANT!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The results are in ...

So, I went in for lab work last Wednesday, to test my Progesterone. The Dr. called me Friday night with my results. He said that my Progesterone levels are very low, especially for already being on Clomid. I had my hopes up high as usual this cycle. My Mom reallly insisted that this was the month. ugh. Well, no - I haven't gotten my period yet, so the world hasn't ended or anything. However, the Dr. did say that me being pregnant with my numbers so low isn't likely. If I am - then I have a HUGE risk for miscarriage. So - basically it was not good news. I started a medicine to get my Progesterone up - so let's super hope that it helps! It was kind of a rough weekend... I'm actaully ready for my period to show so that I can just get onto the next cycle. I'll take both of my meds, and have another IUI this next round. The Dr. said this would be the last IUI (3rd) and then he'll refer me elsewhere when/if need be. He is such a GREAT Dr. I'd hate to switch - but whatever works at this point, right? "Aunt Flo" is due to arrive on Wednesday - I'll keep ya'll posted! ;) Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! :) Talk to you Wednesday!