Monday, August 10, 2009


What?!?!? OMG!!!! Is this really just ONE word on this stick!?!?! no way... (screaming) 7:30 Saturday morning - that's what it was like! I woke up my husband rightttt away - his face was completely blank - and I'm waiving this stick around like a crazy lady! He was kind of slow to react, lol, I think he was in shock. All the things we've done, all the stress, charting, Dr's appts, IUI's, etc. OMG! I'm pregnant! Am I?? Wow - it's totally surreal. I don't think it's "actually" hit me yet. I called my Dr right after I took the test. (sorry) I know it was early and a Saturday - but I couldn't wait! He said I'd need labs today and Wednesday. So I just paged him to get him to fax the lab requests in.... waiting to hear from him. He usually calls back within 15 min. So I'm lucky there. :) Ohhhhh I'm so excited - happy - anxious - scared - worried.... :) I hope everything will be ok. I know I'm high risk because of the low progesterone, but I've been taking supplements for that. So lets think positive and be happy!!! Woooooo!!! I'm ---- I mean WE are PREGNANT!!!!!

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Kara @ His, Hers & Ours said...

Amazing news Tiffany!! Congrats and I wish you a happy, healthy nine months!! =)