Friday, July 24, 2009

The Second IUI

So, I'm feeling much better today. Let's tell you how the 1st IUI went. It was easy. It was fast, and not SO painful. Basically, he just went in and slightly opened my cervix (because it had closed) and put in the catheter to inject the little spermies. Simple. Done.
The 2nd IUI however, was very different. First of all, the timing and planning of mine and my husbands work around this appointment was so stressful. It has to be timed absolutely perfect. With the economy the way it is, my husbands work is getting a little slower. (He's a contractor) So he couldn't come to this appointment with me. :( My Mom was more then willing to go with me though. She REALLY wanted to be there... She thinks if the mother/daughter vibes are going on, it's like good luck or something. Hey - I'll take all the luck in the world right? So, I had to go drop off the little swimmers at 8:30, they get washed and go through a process for an hour, and my appointment is at 9:30. So, I just go drive around aimlessly for an hour and meet my Mom at the Dr's at 9:30. She INSISTS that we take a picture outside by the sign because she thinks that this is THE month! I was so embarrassed! I have cookies with me because my doctor (as crazy as it may sound) is a very close friend of the family. If I bring his staff cookies, he'll do the IUI free of charge. He is a GREAT doctor. I am VERY lucky. So, to make this a little shorter - I had a very strange cycle. I didn't really get my period, and he thought I should do a pregnancy test just in case! check. I'd already done that! (of course) So we went on to do the actual IUI and he said that my Uterus was tilted back, so he took some "thing" and MOVED it into the correct position!! OUCH!! Then he again had to open my cervix - OUCH- and put in the catheter and inject the swimmers. That part wasn't bad. It was the moving my uterus thing and opening my cervix that hurt. It really burned, and was like someone was stabbing me. I now know EXACTLY where my uterus is in my body. It took twice as long as my previous IUI, which I didn't bleed at all then. This time it's like "hello period". I felt really crampy in my stomach and basically came home a watched QVC for hours. I don't buy anything, lol. I just liked to watch Mally do everyones makeup. I was a little restless, but I was afraid to move... I WANT IT TO WORK! The Dr. said he wanted to be more aggressive with this IUI because the first one didn't work, and he just wants to be as proactive as possible. Oh yeah - something very cool - is that I got to see the sperm after it was cleaned in the microscope. He wanted to show me they were in fact fast and healthy, and plenty. :) That was awesome! I went home and was like "Honey!!! My MOM got to see your sperm!!!", uhhhh yeah - he was a little uncomfortable with that, lol. It was very cool for my Mom and I though! So now it's back to the two week wait. I can test on August 1st, but the Dr. said it may not show up until the 5th on a pregnancy test. I can't wait until the 5th - so I'm sure I'll test all five days!! :) Our fingers our crossed!!


Katy said...

So funny!: Honey, my mom saw your sperm! H I L A R I O U S! I'm glad your mom was there. Now, you have a pic and witness for "the day!" We are going to claim it!!! We will praise God in advance for the work He will do. It's the whole waiting on His timing that throws me! I will be anxious to read on August 5th!

Katy said...

P.S. ALLLLLLL the pics on my blog are taken by me! I became really interested in photography after my son was born. Well, we also had a VERY e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e photographer for our wedding. I mean, we could have made a down payment on a house (he was a gift). I looked and looked and looked at his work. Then, I thought, I bet I can do some of this. So, I LOVE it. I can't wait until I can tell Charlie to be still or pose like this or that. Now, I just have to work fast and hope for the best. I don't allow a lot of pics of me to be taken of me because of my post pregnancy weight gain. (Hope you won't have those struggles.) One day it will be gone and I will appear again!

beth said...

good luck! i hope it works for you, as well!
ps - my mom's maiden name is sullivan and she is one of 8. my sister in law just had a baby, and he is the 64th member of my immediate family. with a doctor named sullivan, something is bound to go right in the procreation department!