Friday, November 5, 2010

So Many Firsts...

Ohhh the firsts.... Brady had his first tiny little tooth pop through. In the middle, on the bottom. He'd been drooling and chewing up a storm, but not fussy. Then, Sunday the 10th, there it was! A little white cloud of a tooth! The very next morning -ha- tooth number two!!! Hello cute little toothy smile!!
On the 11th, the same day that 2nd little cloud popped in, Brady said his first word. Clearly. "Dad." ON his Dads 30th Birthday! What are the odds of that!? "Dadadadadad..." and "OkayOkayOkay guyyyss". He added the "guys" once - haven't heard it again since. ohhhhhh the firsts!
Brady also had his first pumpkin festival recently. He grabbed a little tiny pumpkin to take home to play with, and chew on with his new teeth. He also has a bigger pumpkin, that we are going to let him play in. We'll cut the lid off and let him go to town in goop. I'm pretty excited about that!! He loved the pumpkin patch - he liked the hay. He wanted to eat everything! It was so great! All of his first holidays are right around the corner!! yaya!

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