Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yesterdays Appointment, ohhhhh What did I do?

So, Yesterday I had an ultrasound appointment with my Dr. who was not there. He was at the hospital for a delivery, again. (the bad part about OB's, you never know when you'll actually see "them".) SO, the nurse, who's been my nurse for about 7 or 8 years, said she'd do the ulrasound for me, after she rambled on and on about "not being trained as an ultrasound tech, and not know how to do it or evern work the machine". BUT i trusted her. What can happen with some hot gooooop and a wand on your belly? Well, people, she pushed the heck out of my belly. I mean REALLLY. Yeah we saw the baby, everything looked great, much bigger than two weeks ago, and basically awesome. However, I had cramps, and sharp pans all night whenever I moved, or rolled over. Todays not so bad. But I was slightly worried because I've never had pain after an "internal" ultrasound, so having pain with the "external" kind seemed very wrong to me. She said that if you push all over the belly, the baby will kind of run from you and go to the front of the uterus. We wanted to hear a heartbeat, thats why she was being aggresive. As I look back though, maybe I should have said no, and waited for the next appointment with the Dr. BUT she HASSS been my nurse forever and I DOOOO trust her..... uggghhhh I don't know... What do ya'll think about it????


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