Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello Baby Bump!

Hi Everybody!
So, this past Friday... I felt my first baby "flutter". I'm only 14 1/2 weeks, and people were telling me I was crazy! Well - I talked to my Doctor and he CONFIRMED, that YES, I did feel a "baby flutter"!!!! Yay! How exciting right?!?!!?! :) I felt another one yesterday, that was much stronger. It's just awesome! Also - another fun thing - is that on Sunday I woke up, and touched my belly as I always do... and OMG there was a bump! I mean REALLY a BUMP! It was like a perfect grapefruit sitting up on the side of my belly! I was kind of startled and sort of jumped with surprise - my husband woke up and felt it right away! It was a "wow - it's real" moment! :) awww. Monday - I have a real bump, and the Momma that brings me her son to care for everyday actually commented!! Yaya! It's noticeable people! That means I'm not just chunky - I'm really cookin' a baby! Here are my first Bump Pictures! :)


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